Move Your Local Customers From Facebook And Get Them Spending Money With Your Business

Local Online Advantage Increases Your Facebook Engagement With Local Customers

Stop Throwing Your Advertising Budget Away.

Facebook is the #1 resource for any small business.


Because you can ENGAGE with your local customers before they ever set foot inside your business. The world is a-changin’ and all businesses need to adapt.

You can create trust, authority, and above all a connection with your local customers, with a steady online conversation in a place where they are going to be anyway!



Your customers need to know you are there for them

Are you optimised for your local customers?

Your business needs LOCAL customers. They need to know where you are, what you do, and when they can come and spend their money with you. Local customers are the lifeblood of local businesses, they are the people who will come back week after week, the people you will know by name, and the people who will help you to grow.


Customers OLD and NEW need to know that you are there for them


Give your customers, and anyone else in your local area something to look forward to. They are looking on Facebook multiple times a day, so why not be part of that conversation? Give them a smile on a Monday… provide some advice during the week… give them a reason to visit you at the weekend.


A little more conversation, a little more interaction

Are you growing your business using Facebook?

For any business, building trust is paramount. This is very easy when speaking to customers face to face, but what about those people who have heard about you but decided not to visit your premises? Or those who Haven’t heard of you? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to speak to them too?
What if you could get them interested in your business just by communicating with them through a computer. Or a mobile phone. Via a website they will visit anyway… You can give them non pushy, friendly information (just as if they were standing in front of you), and even an incentive to visit your business. Would you want that for your business?
Our guess is that, well, yes, yes you would.

Local Online Advantage Is Here For You!

We understand how much work goes into running a small business.

We know that the pressure of national chains with huge resources mean that you need to focus on customer service and expert knowledge.

Traditional Business – New Media

With these pressures in mind, it is likely that Facebook is the last thing you’re thinking about!

Traditional small businesses tend to use traditional advertising methods.

Newspapers are still popular, and for those with a bit more of a budget, radio can be an option.

But both of these forms of advertising are on the decline. People are reading the news online, and listening to the radio on their phones.

Businesses that adapt to the change in advertising are going to outperform those that persist with the traditional route.

Local Online Advantage Will Do Facebook For You

We have one aim: to help small business engage with their local customers.

We don’t do anything else.

We will post relevant, regular updates to your business page.

The content of the posts will be designed to reflect your business.

Your Facebook page will be updated regularly, keeping you in contact with your local customers.

Make The Most Of Your Community And Make Sure They Know You Are There For Them!

Facebook gives you a gateway to your local area, and to the people that will benefit most from your business, and the products and services you provide.

People use Facebook to stay in touch with each other, to share, to like and to comment on the things they see on their timeline. It’s no different for a business!

Keep in touch with your customers, give them posts to share, like and comment on. The more they hear from you, the more your relationship builds.

The Perfect Time To Get Your Business Onto Facebook

Facebook is the most direct way to reach your local audience today. Quicker and more dynamic than any form or traditional media, you can provide informative posts, pictures, videos and links to keep your customers engaged, and to extend the reach of your company past those people who already know about you

Share Links and Updates

Let your customers know what you are doing – but don’t forget that Facebook is a social site! Sharing information, stories, or even something funny that happened in the office or at the counter is worth passing on to the people in your local area!

Share Your Pictures

Social engagement with pictures posted to Facebook is huge. What does that mean? Simply put, people like seeing pictures. So make sure you are posting plenty to your Facebook business page. They don’t have to be pictures of your latest item for sale, just things related to your industry that you think your local customers will find fun and interesting!

Share Videos Relating To Your Business

The only thing Facebook users like more than a picture is a good video. Something they can look at on their lunch break, or on the way to work, or when they are laying in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. And the more people that like and share the video, the larger the engagement will be from people who might not know your business

Those Are Just 3 Of The Main Features… H

There Are Plenty More

  • Give your local customers something that they will enjoy

  • Posts that target specific annual events

  • Fully automated by us to make your life simpler

  • Posts that will be shared to increase your local reach

  • Enable your business to ‘talk’ to your customers

  • Did we mention we do all of this for you?

Connect With Local Customers Now!

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